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Let The Waves Carry Your Worries Away Journal

Let The Waves Carry Your Worries Away Journal

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This beautiful journal is perfect for those who love to spend their days by the water or have a deep connection to the ocean.

Featuring a stunning beach-themed cover design, this journal is both functional and stylish. The lined pages provide ample space for writing about your experiences, sketching landscapes, or collecting small treasures like seashells and sand.

Whether you're jotting down notes, keeping a journal, or creating a to-do list, this journal is sure to inspire and uplift your day.
So grab your sunscreen, and your favorite pen, and get ready to make some new memories with this must-have beach-themed journal!

  • Available in Two Sizes: Small - 5.75”x8” & Large - 7.25”x10”
  • Luxurious Soft-Touch Matte Laminate on Soft Paper Cover
  • Decorative Spine
  • 100 Leaves of Lined Paper (200 Pages to Write On)
  • Pages Are Perforated for Easy Tear-Out
  • Corners Are Rounded to Prevent Bending
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